Let me take you away.

Supporting traditional craftsmanship in Indonesia.

The mission behind DEWI is to revitalise traditional craftsmanship from Indonesia by combining it with modern design.


All bags are handmade and the fabrics are picked thoughtfully. Therefore, a combination of traditional Indonesian fabrics, vegan leather and upcycled fabrics are used to create the bags for you.


With the purchase you are supporting a local NGO in Yogyakarta (Indonesia), which is working in the fields of herbal medicine, disaster management, and environmental support.

Consider the difference between a machine and a human being.

What's new? 

I'm currently working on some new products :) 

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Proprietor: Lara Dewi Braun

Horster Graben 29, 76327 Pfinztal, Germany

E-Mail: lara.dewi@gmx.de

Phone: +49(0)15773473672