About DEWI

Who am I?

I am Lara Dewi and I founded the label "Dewi" while I was pretty much having a quarter-life-crisis and just wanted to stop thinking and start doing something.


Traditional Indonesian textiles have always got me and when I was lucky to find a little treasure full of old textiles in my parents' cellar, I decided to learn how to sew and see where it will get me. And somehow this baby was born. Not planned but 100% wanted. I'm so grateful to share it with you now!


What is my mission?

With "Dewi" I want to give you an insight in the beauty of Indonesian textiles (especially batik) and show you the amazing handmade process behind them. In my opinion traditional craftsmanship needs to be revitalized in order to be preserved. That's why I am not only using traditional patterns but also new ones. Most of them are symbolic - no matter if "new" or "old".


What do I offer?

Useful bags for daily life in traditional Indonesian fabrics. I buy all fabrics directly at the production site to ensure high quality and fair working conditions.

At the moment I offer bucket bags, gym bags, hip bags, pouches and bags for your yoga mat.


If your desired fabric combination isn't available, you're more than welcome to contact me and I'll see what I can do for you :)



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