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#dewimeets: Matahari
#dewimeets · 27. March 2021
Sandra, born and raised in Germany with Indonesian-Chinese descent, opened her Indonesian Tapas Restaurant in Cologne just before the pandemic started. Read about her background, her relationship to Indonesia and how she started doing her soul business.

#dewimeets: Support a Local
#dewimeets · 09. March 2021
I found "Support a Local" on instagram and was immediately amazed by the work Corinna and her team is doing to support people in need - especially during challenging times like these.

#dewimeets: Guave
#dewimeets · 11. February 2021
Quite at the beginning when I started DEWI, I found the Batik label Guave on Instagram and immediately fell in love with the way Guave presented batik and their thoughts on identity and Indonesian culture. Therefore, I am very happy to share Guave's story and the two women behind this inspiring label with you. They'll also talk about their approach on sustainability and how to sustain Batik. Have fun reading!

#dewimeets: Melissa (Indojunkie)
#dewimeets · 28. January 2021
Indojunkie is the most famous travel blog for Indonesia in the German-speaking region with lots of travel tips and cultural insights. I am super happy to interview Melissa and share with you her answers about her life as a digital nomad, about travel blogging and her future plans. She has lots of good advices, personal insights and interesting thoughts to share... but read it yourself :)

#dewimeets: Sabine Bolk
#dewimeets · 23. January 2021
I've been following Sabine and her work on instagram a while now and I am very excited to share her story in this blog article. Sabine is a batik activist, researcher and artist and based in the Netherlands. Have you heard about real and fake batik? Sabine will explain you what the difference is and how to distinguish between the two. She'll also talk about her journey with batik and the how the current covid-situation affects her work. Sounds interesting? I think so too!