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I bought this beautiful fabric during my travels to Tana Toraja (Sulawesi, Indonesia) in 2015.

Lurik Collection

Lurik is a hand-woven fabric from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. In ancient Java, it was traditionally worn by rural Javanese men and is now a new prosperity. Read more about Lurik here.

Lurik Crossbody Pouch

Lurik Bucket Bag

Lurik Hip bag

Lurik Mask Necklace

Lurik Scrunchie

Lurik Hair Tie

Batik Collection

All fabrics have a symbolic meaning and can support you in your current situation. They can be categorized into 6 different areas: trust, connection, change, strength, clarity and growth. Read more about Batik here.


If you wish for more trust in you, your current situation and in your life, these accessories can support you:


If you wish for a deeper connection with others and yourself, these accessories can support you:


If you wish for more clarity in your current situation or for the future, these accessories can support you:


If you wish for inner growth, growth of your projects or financial growth, these accessories can support you:


If you seek inner change or change of your environment, these accessories can support you:


If you wish for more inner strength or strength when dealing with others, these accessories can support you:

Face Mask ROTAN
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